BORFLEX Composites has been in the composite business since depuis 1929. Formely known as FERRETITE, its main activity was mainly in the composite material because of its good dielectric, and thermal resistance characteristics.

FERRETITE hence develops as the first french company specializing in the production and machining of composite materials.

  • 1987 : Creation of Doneco Ferretite Celtite (D.F.C) by consolidation of the Ferrettite company (molding and machining of composite parts) and of the Celtite Pultrusion department Celtite, by Doneco
  • 1989 : Merger with Profilex company (pultrusion and filament winding) to create Doneco Celtite Profilex (DCP).
  • October 2001 : ICO acquires DFC Moulding and  DCP Pultrusion.  ICO will be renamed  ICCO in 2005.
  • Avril 2015 : takeover of the assets of DFC-DCP by the Borflex group and creation of the  BORFLEX COMPOSITES Company.