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Resin Transfer Molding – RTM


The reinforcement is placed in the gelcoated mold which is then closed.

The counter-mold has one or more orifices depending on the size of the part in which the resin is injected under low pressure (5 bars approx.)

It gradually impregnates the reinforcement by chasing in front of it the air included in the reinforcement. The polymerization is then carried out without adding external temperature.


  • good appearance of parts
  • Sandwich structured parts
  • Flexibility of workshops (organization, implementation), and flexibility of production (production campaigns)
  • Highl limit VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • low investment in the tooling

Raw Material

Reinforcements may be short strand mats, endless thread mats or cloths mats. Reinforcements cans be mixed to manufacture a part. The reinforcement rate varies for 30 to 50%.


  • 2 parts steel mold with clamps
  • Resin shells
  • Die injection mould


  • Large-sized parts of any industrial sector,
  • Protection covers
  • Handling boxes
  • Small series