SMC compression

Sheet Moulding Compound


Sheet moulding compound : Semi finished product composed of unsaturated polyester resin, fiberglass reinforcement and mineral fillers. It is shaped by high pressure molding according to various transformation processes. This compound makes it possible to obtain parts of small to large dimensions. It is processed through compression moulding (for large parts with high mechanical properties). This compound is made of a polyester thermosetting resin sheet impregnating long glass fibers (20 to 30% of this reinforcement), of fillers and of a hardening agent (catalyst). The compound is ready for heated compression moulding and is placed in an open, heated (at a temperature between 140 and 160°) mold cavity. The mold is closed and pressure is then applied to force the material to fill up the entire mold cavity. The heat and pressure (of the order of 50 to 100 bars) are maintained until the plastic material is cured (.

Advantages of SMC MOULDING

  • two smooth and ready for paint faces
  • allows the production of large and complex parts
  • High precision moulding and material good propertie
  • low material cost
  • low labor cost
  • high production rates

Raw material

Pre-impregnated mat or home-made compound

  • Impreganted material : polyesters, chemical shim agent, catalysts, inhibitors, mould release agents, pigments…
  • Reinforcement : fiberglass rovings (reinforcement rate : 20 to 50%)


  • Production line of pre-impregnated mat (optional)
  • High compression press with adjustable pressing speed
  • Thermo-regulated chrome steeled moulds

Field of application

  • Automotive (tourism and commercial vehicles), car bodywork, protection covers
  • Electrical industry : meter boxes, strip lights
  • Various industrial parts